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Dr. Sherrod


Dr. Jacqueline Sherrod has been practicing in the Knoxville community for over 25 years. She is a member of the Knoxville Veterinary Medical Association, and founding board member of the Alliance of Doctoral Women. She is a graduate of the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Sherrod grew up knowing that she wanted to be a veterinarian since the 4th grade. She is originally from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Dr Sherrod married a Knoxvillian and has 1 daughter and 1 granddaughter.She has made Knoxville her home for over 30 years. She has many furkids: 1 dog (Lucy), 1 cat (Mango), 1 bird ( Pearl) and 1 rabbit (Jet Lee) . Dr. Sherrod treats many different patients including dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, rats and small birds. With over 20 hrs of Continuing Education each year Dr. Sherrod stays current with the most recent developments within the veterinary field. Dr. Sherrod exercises the gift of compassion for animals and considers it a privilege to treat your pets. She is devoted to keeping your pets healthy with preventative medicine, providing quality care for your pets and therefore promoting a healthy life for your pet.

Years in Practice: 30

Education: University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine

Interests: Crochet, Reading, Bike Riding and Violin






Ali Shelton is our Full Time Veterinary Nurse and she is happily married to her best friend Johnathon. She has been working in the Veterinary field for over 4 years and loves every minute of it! She has always had a passion for animals since she was a little girl. Ali is here to help with the care of your furry family members and provide whatever they may need. She feels it is important to learn new things each and every day. Ali is here to help give your pets a happy, healthy life. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call, email or drop by and ask!

Years in Practice: 11

Education: She is currently in the process of completing her Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology. Once she has her degree she plans to attain her Veterinary Technician License so that she can become more equipped to help your pets that come through the door!

Interests: Spending time with her husband, friends, and family, movies, listening to music, trying new recipes in her kitchen, going out to dinner, swimming, going to the beach or to the park with her nieces and nephews.





Cathy works with the Just For Pets social media. She posts for us on Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest and Tumbler! Like us on Facebook and see all of our new patients and Pet of the Week posts! Cathy brings a lot of skills and over 20 years’ experience in the veterinary field.She has worked with small and large animals,exotics and wildlife. Cathy is very much interested in senior care for pets as well as pet fitness. She enjoys keeping up our social network sites and updating new information for our clients. When she has free time she is writing for the entertainment and arts industry.

Years in practice: 23

Education: Holyoke Community College, Union Institute and University, Southern New Hampshire University

Interests: Gourmet cooking, spending time with family and friends, theatre, movies,fine arts, performing arts, martial arts, yoga,and traveling



Nicole is the friendly voice of Just For Pets Animal Clinic.She loves people and pets and is dedicated to serving our clients and our patients. Nicole came to Knoxville 5 years ago to attend the Univ of TN.She met her wonderful husband there and earned her Bachelor's degree in Animal Science in December 2018.Nicole has dreamed of caring for animals since the 3rd grade and absolutely loves her job here at Just For Pets Animal Clinic.

Interests include: playing with her cat Daphne, watching action movies, going on walks, jogging, singing in her church choir.