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Spay & Neuter in Knoxville, TN

We recommend healthy pets 6 months of age or older be spayed or neutered . So if your pet is over 6 months, bring them in, and we will provide a pre-surgical examination, surgical estimate and determine the best time to schedule surgery for your furbaby. This procedure is considered a "day surgery" and most pets are discharged the same day.

Allow us to spay & neuter your pet and that will help your pet to live a longer and healthier life. For more information about Spay & Neuter in Knoxville, just call us at (865) 357-1838 to schedule an appointment today!!

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How We Support Your Pet:

  • Removes Heat Cycles Which Stops Bleeding, Nervous Behavior, and Whimpering When Heat Cycles Traditionally Would Have Come.
  • Reduces Exposure to Common Types of Cancers
  • Decreases Anxious or Aggressive Behavior Creating a Calmer, More Affectionate Pet
  • Minimally Invasive Procedure With Rebound Time of 2-3 Days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Spay & Neuter Mean?

Spaying is the process of removing the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus from a female dog or cat. This eliminates the discomfort of female pets having to endure periods of heat. Eliminating these periods of heat will result in zero bleeding, no related whimpering, reducing anxious behavior, and preventing ovarian cancer.

Neutering  is the process of removing the testicles of male animals. This makes males less aggressive, less anxious, and has the added benefit of preventing testicular cancer.

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Dr. Sherrod is a professional veterinarian and performed hundreds of spay and neuter operations. To schedule this quick, minimally invasive procedure for your pet with little downtime, please give us a call at (865) 357-1838!